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Medical Transportation: What Would We Do Without It?

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Everyone has either seen, or been a part of some kind of medical transportation. Whether it be seeing an ambulance fly by you as you pull over on the side of the road as not to be in their way, or if you have been on the other side – in the ambulance after a horrible car crash, heart attack, or other major emergencies.
Medical transportation services save the lives of people every single day, and without them, society would be a mess! Could you imagine a world with no ambulances, no Carts bus, and no other forms of medical transportation once so ever? What would you do without ambulance services?


Ambulances can be run on a non-profit basis, as well as a for profit basis. Either way, we need them in our lives for our safety.

Not only do ambulances quickly arrive to the area of the emergency and quickly transport the person in need of emergency care directly to the nearest emergency room center, they also can provide a number of life saving techniques aboard the ambulance to help the person in need of care before they arrive at the emergency center.

Most ambulances come with several items needed in order to treat emergencies, such as a gurney, gauze, saline solution for IV use, and much, much more. Usually, two or more EMT’s or emergency medical technicians, will be in the ambulance, and are able to provide care for those that need it before they reach the hospital. EMT’s can perform lifesaving techniques, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This technique can restore a breathing pattern to someone who was otherwise not breathing, keeping them alive long enough to reach the hospital, where further emergency care can be provided to them by emergency room doctors and nurses.

According to, the average EMS and ambulance response time in the six months spanning from June to December 2013 was a mere nine minutes and twenty three seconds. Without ambulances, it would be nearly impossible to get emergency care in under ten minutes, unless they were in a close radius to their local hospitals emergency room.

When the patients have appointments that aren’t with in a close radius and even across state, there are non emergency¬†medical transportation services that will take you, or the patient to that long distance appointment.